Thoughts and projects relating to computers, electronics, and digital freedom.

Recent Posts:

2021-07-10 - Wifi setup for untrusted device Set up wifi on openwrt router to limit access for untrusted devices.

2021-02-08 - Johnny Decimal method for file organization An evaluation of the Johnny Decimal method for organizing digital files.

2021-01-31 - Color Calibration Rabbit Hole An interesting journey into the world of color calibration and associated open source tools.

2021-01-24 - Arcade cocktail table Design of a custom standing 4 person arcade cocktail table.

2020-05-29 - BOOX Nova2 eReader Review of the BOOX Nova2 eReader & notepad.

2020-05-25 - Check device network usage Set up a system to monitor device network activity.

2020-05-24 - Internet privacy Why you should care about your internet privacy.

2020-05-17 - Launch of blog tools (makehtml, pgot, chuf, etc.) Background on the tools used to generate this website.


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